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Getting to Rome was quite an adventure. Our flight left out of London at 7:00 and we mistakenly thought it left at 8:00! So we unknowingly strolled in the airport at 6:30, went to check in and then found that our flight left in 30 minutes. With little time we rushed over to an airport worker who took us to a counter with two other men who were able to check us in. We rushed through security and caring 25 pounds of luggage on our backs we sprinted to our gate. Out of breath we arrived just in time to board! Luckily our flight was running late! Praise God that we made it!

From the air Italy looks a lot like California. The terrain looks similar, with dryer grasses and low bushes. The weather is hot like California as well but much more humid! We were all sooooo hot traveling around the city! It’s a beautiful city but too wet and humid for me!

Rome is busy as well. Lots of people, cars and action! It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. But Rome is a must see because of the many great ruins, art and history. You can be walking amongst the modern buildings and turn the corner to find an ancient building standing in front of you. It makes for a beautiful contrast in this unique city.  I had to pinch myself because I could not believe that I was standing in front of stuctures that have stood the test of time!

Leaving our hostel.The Coliseum!Looking out at other ancient ruins.Inside the Roman Forum.Delicious fruit from a street vender.Funny sign..don’t know what it means!Our first meal in Rome. Pizza!Outside our restaurant.We went for a night walk after dinner. Here is the Victor Emmanuel Monument at night.A great street performer! He was so funny!The Trevi Fountain.Our second day in Rome we went to The Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. They were so beautiful and breathtaking!Amazed at what we were seeing.The essentials-your camera and lots of water!Looking out at the Vatican.Ryan looking fly.Caffe Latte..yum!Spiral staircase.Tessa walking down the staircase.Out on the street looking for Castle Sant’angelo.Looking out at St. Peter’s Cathedral from Castle Sant’angelo.View of the city from Sant’angelo.St. Peter’s Cathedral.One of my favorite pizzas we had, potato and cheese! So good!Outside St. Peter’s Cathedral.Resting after a long day behind the Galleria Borghese.