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Our last city in Italy was Venice. It was a great city to have our last hurrah, with lots of great food, people and amazing ambiance. Venice is defiantly full of romance! Its also hard to believe that the city is built on water!One of my favorite gelato places in Italy, GelatiNico! This is what I got at GelatiNico, a gianduiotti. From what I could figure out when they made it, it seems to be a chunk of frozen chocolate gelato(maybe some hazelnut as well) with loads of whipped cream! They would glop whipped cream in the cup, then add a sliced chuck of the gelato, then garnish with more whipped cream. It was a fluffy, chocolately, cloud of deliciousness!Lots of boats!Piazza San Marco, aka pigeon city.Lots of people…and lots of birds!Some people love them,and some people hate them. If you have food they will swarm!Gondolas.Looking for a place to eat.A man singing on the gondola.The city from the water.
We stayed outside of the city on the mainland because of costs. We took a boat to and from our hostel.Ready for our second day in Venice.People in Europe love their dogs and so do I! Makes we want to get a dog! (wink, wink, Mom and Dad)Venice is the city of water and masks! They are so beautiful!A mask maker.Holy Cannoli!
We all bought lots of food on our second day in Venice because it was our last day in Italy.A twisted spumoni marshmallow.Pizza.Chocolate chip pastry.Yum!The boys bought the biggest gelato they could find! 5 scoops!My last gelato in Italy! 😦More happy people with their Italian gelato.We relaxed at GelatiNico for several hours, killing time before our overnight train to Vienna. It was great to sit by the water and soak up the Italian sun!We thought our train left at 11:00pm but it actually left at 9:00pm. Stranded at the train station, we got together and prayed. Thank God we found a conductor that helped us and we found a train that left at 1:30 am. When you have nothing else to do you…..Shuffle! Ryan taught us how to shuffle.Chips to give us extra fuel since we were burning the midnight oil.

The overnight train was an interesting experience. Six of us crowned into a small room on the train and all layed out. We probably looked like a can of sardines packed in there! Getting to sleep around 2:00am, we uncomfortably, rumbled and bounced on the rough train. At 5am we awake to the sound of the conductor opening our room and flipping on the light. He then starts speaking in German asking for our tickets. Groggy and half awake we hand him our tickets and then get back to sleep. Our train arrived in Vienna around 8:00am. It was an adventure I will never forget.