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I have more pictures from my backpacking trip. I’m sorry to confuse you, but I’m playing catch up. I meant to post these weeks ago, but I’ve been really busy around here. I have three posts left from my backpacking trip and I need to get them up soon. I’m doing more traveling in the coming weeks, which means more blogging. So here is Austria…..

Ahhh Austria. One of my favorite places! I thought Italy was beautiful and oh so amazing but Austria took my breath away! I can’t believe a place like this exists! Everything is so green and beautiful. It’s like someone turned up the saturation scale, the colors are so vibrant.

After our overnight train we were in need of a good breakfast. We went to this amazing cafe/bookstore/furniture store. Everything there was for sale, it had the same vibe as an Urban Outfitters.I had yogurt with fruit and organic muesli, toast, hummus and pickled veggies! Yum!Books and furniture for sale.

After, we walked around Vienna and stopped by Demel for a fancy pastry. This was a custard/cake dessert! So amazing!We then walked around the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral.For dinner we had Frankfurter Sausage in a roll of bread. They hollowed the bread and used it as a bun.We saw an opera at the Vienna Opera house. It was so beautiful and almost put me to sleep, I was pretty tired.

The next day we toured the Schonbrunn Palace. The gardens were so colorful and beautifully landscaped! Looking at the fountain and gardens.The back of the palace from behind the fountain.View of the city and the palace from on top of the palace hill.The palace has a world famous zoo. We didn’t go inside because it was too expensive but we saw chickens at the entrance. They were a different breed, fluffier than a normal chicken.This man was feeding the squirrels. He would allow them to climb on him and the squirrels were brave enough to do so! Palace hill where you could see the city.

The next day we walked to the Bauernmarkt Erntedankfest. It is an Austria festival for thanksgiving. I saw this sign on the way there. Stop in the name of love!Some of the traditional desserts we ate had pumpkin seed in them! Sounds a lot like our Thanksgiving. Apparently, pumpkin is a big ingredient in Austrian food. People after my own heart!Cheese!! This festival had hundreds of booths, many of them offered free samples. Of course, we went around to all of them trying as much as we could.There were many traditional festivities. These men had whips, I don’t know what it was for but it was cool.More dancing and festivities. I loved it all!They gave out samples from a bake off they had. This was an apple strudel dessert.A mixed drink with crushed berries.Cigarettes. In Europe, its the thing to do. The smoke annoyed the heck out of me.Waiting for the train to Salzburg.The train ride was so amazing! The red roofs were a perfect contrast with the green grass. I fell in love and I want to go back! Austria will always be in my heart!