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Salzburg was beautiful! It is much smaller than Vienna and very cute. The main river through the city.This meal was amazing! It was one of my favorites! Pork, gravy, sauerkraut and a bread dumpling.On our second day in Salzburg, we went on a Sound of Music tour. This estate was where they filmed the backyard scenes of the Von Trapp house.Taking pictures.The estate again.The flowers were so colorful! The road where Julie Andrews sang “I Have Confidence”. This is the mountain the Von Trapp family hiked over to get to Switzerland in the movie. But in reality over this mountain is Germany. The real Von Trapp family walked 60 yards to the train station and took a train to Switzerland. If you look at a map, Switzerland borders Austria on its very western tip. Salzburg is more north east and on the border of Germany. If the Von Trapp family did hike to Switzerland, it would have been a very long journey!Austria countryside.We stopped for dessert and drinks at a restaurant that overlooks the lake above. This was a berry meringue dessert!Hot chocolateTessa’s berry cobbler.This was the church where they filmed the marriage of Maria and Captain Von Trapp in the movie. It was originally white.Walk way leading up to the churchInside the church.Gardens where the song “Do-Re-Me” was filmed.Flowers in the gardens.Fortress in the center of Salzburg.Nuns!!A very traditional Austrian food- Schnitzel with potatoes and cranberry sauce.I had fried chicken with salad.

After being surrounded by the Sound of Music for two days, I am ok with not seeing the movie for a while. As much as I love that movie, it can get annoying after hearing about it for over 48 hours. Not only did we take a tour and hear all about the film locations and secrets of the movie, we also listened to the soundtrack during the tour and watched the movie when we got back to our hostel! I feel bad for the people of Salzburg, I’m sure they get so tired of The Sound of Music. From the tour buses, to the souvenir shops, it is everywhere!