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My last post of my backpacking trip! Switzerland…very green, beautiful, clean and expensive! We didn’t spend much time in Switzerland, less than a day. The whole day was spent going to Schwagalp.Schwagalp is a small town in the Switzerland countryside that is home to Santis der berg. Here you can take a cable car ride up the mountainside and under 10 minutes you can stand at 2,502 meters overlooking exquisite views of the Alps. You have the option of hiking three and a half hours to the same peak. It would have been a great journey to take, but we did not have the time or gear. The glorious crags of the Alps.This restaurant/hotel is at the base of Santis. We had lunch here.Views from the top!The wind was so strong, the birds could hover.Coming down the mountain.

Our backpacking journey was exciting, challenging, interesting and adventurous.  I will never forget this trip and I can’t wait to go back to other European countries. This trip has given me the travel bug! I loved the trip but I am glad to be in a place I can call “Home”.