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These past few weeks have been crazy with school work! I have not had a lot of time to post pictures, anyways here is our adventures in Scotland!The city of Edinburgh.Suprisingly there were a lot of bagpipers that we saw throughout the city. I did not think we would see so many! The fall colors were beautiful!One step, two step, trip step. This is a common “burglar alarm” in the old houses in Scotland. If a burglar came to rob your house at night, they would trip over the trip step and you could hear them coming.Edinburgh Castle in the middle of the city.The Oink restaurant was carving a full pig in their front window!Irn Bru. Scotland’s top selling soda. Beats out Coke and Pepsi every year! This drink is basically orange cream soda but on crack. Literally this stuff is 30% sugar! Our tour guide recommended that we try it but with a warning. Of course we all tried it and loved it! It tastes really good but the side effects are a big sugar rush followed by a hard crash. And boy did I feel it! It was a fun experience, plus it heightened the fun knowing that this soda is illegal in the U.S.! I guess the food coloring in it was not passed by the FDA.Beautiful grave yard.Scotland’s most haunted area, this grave. Apparently people have gone into it and could feel a presence. A Catholic priest went into it to pray away the demonic presence and he left defeated, feeling sick and weak. Two weeks later, he died of a heart attack.  Another view of the Edinburgh Castle from the grave yard. Within this grave yard, J.K. Rowling found the famous names for Harry Potter. Across the street she wrote the books in The Elephant House Cafe.A park below the Edinburgh Castle.Olivia’s dish of haggis and mash!!!  I loved haggis! A must to try when visiting Scotland!My dish haggis stuffed chicken. Delish!More bagpipes.This band was awesome! They show the true spirit of the Scottish people, crazy and in love with their heritage and country. Note that it was around 40 degrees fahrenheit outside!We bought their CD. They were great!We went to Chocolate Soup that night. I got Spiced Autumn Hot Chocolate. A rich hot chocolate with nutmeg and cinnamon. Yum!The next day we took a tour through the Scottish highlands with Heart of Scotland Tours. It was so amazing and beautiful!A bay near Edinburgh.Cows in the Scottish Highlands.The worlds smallest bottle of Whiskey.Fog that lingers throughout the morning. 🙂Pictures of the Scottish Highlands!Lakes or “Lochs” in Northern Scotland.Lochness! We took a boat out on the loch! So amazing and eerie. Does the Lochness monster really exist? Take the trip for yourself and you decide…The waters of Lochness are extremely dark because it is dyed from the peat when the water flows through the sounding areas. It reminded me of coffee.Moss on the trees.