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Ireland! The home of my ancestors! This trip was one of my favorites because it held so much meaning for me!
Our first stop Cork!

The famous English Market. It was a great market with lots of beautiful produce, fish, meat, flowers and much, much more.A monk fish. It scared the bejeebers out of me!Downtown CorkThe Four Faced Lier. The clocks four faces do not tell the correct time because the winds blow them into the wrong position.Inside the Four Faced Lier we could ring the bells! Just follow the numbers to make a tune.At the top of the tower, viewing the city.Cute door.Apparently my Dad owns a business in Cork, Ireland.Macaroons we bought in the English Market for dessert.Great lunch in the English Market.“Can I just eat it already!?”More of the English Market.At the end of the day we got on a bus to head to Dublin. Then the next morning we went on a tour to see the west coast of Ireland.The green west coast.These rock walls were everywhere.Limestone rock that is very prevalent in Ireland.Little plants peeking through!We stopped for lunch at Gus O’Conner’s Pub.I got bacon, mash and sauerkraut.And finally the moment I had been waiting for….The Cliffs of Moher!! Absolutely amazing!These pictures are deceiving, they don’t look so high but they are! At their highest point they stretch 702 feet over the Atlantic Ocean! They are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Europe.As you can see it was really windy!Green, green, green!Inching closer to the edge to peek over! Don’t get too close!!This little guy was greeting everyone that came to the cliffs.An old Irish cemetry. Some of these celtic crosses date back to the time of St. Patrick!An old castle.Sheep!The next day we hung out in downtown Dublin.Kristen and I met up with Alisha and Olivia.In front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.The Guinness Factory!Barley…and fresh water for making the beer.The secret fifth ingredient, I wonder what it could be? At the Gravity Bar looking out over DublinBeer or Fanta to drink.In front of the Capital Building. Ireland just had a Presidential Election when we were there, so there was lots of activity.See the candidates’ posters in the top left corner. The man in the middle won.Pubs in Ireland, such an amazing atmosphere! The Irish really know how to have a great time!