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Or ingredients, preparation and consumption.

Or birth, mid-life and end of life.

How ever you want to look at these photos, they all represent a process. Whether it be the process of preparing and eating a meal, the stages of meals we eat throughout our day or the stages of life, all of them take time.

Instant gratification. From the high speed internet to our microwave ovens, we all have a way of achieving and receiving things instantly and expect this to be the norm. Sadly, this does not always produce the best results. People expect everything to be at their disposal, immediately, no matter the cost.

Whatever happen to the love of process? The love of seeing continuous action, or a series of changes taking place over time. Things that take a process, produce patience, determination and perseverance. The journey to get to the end is where the learning and development takes place, not the end result.

Lately, I have been wrestling with the idea of process. Being a senior in college, I have been reflecting over the past four years and the journey I have taken to get where I am today. Graduation has always been a sweet thought to me but looking at my whole college experience, the journey to graduation was the sweetest part. It was the part that taught me so much about myself and has development me into the person I am today.

Process is also apart of what I love to do. I have realized that I love the process of making art and working with film gives me joy. The stages of shooting the pictures, to developing the negatives and then finally seeing the prints, is much more satisfying to me than an instant digital snap shot. Don’t get me wrong digital is great, but once again it is something about the process that gives me more gratification in my work.

Just like food is a process, prep, eat, and clean up, life is too. Take sometime to slow down and enjoy.

Love the process…